P.O.Box No.: 8973, NPC-683, Jorpati, Kathmandu, Nepal
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The Facilities Besides The Aforementioned Ones

•    The school has a well-managed canteen which serves a variety of snacks and soft drinks, prepared
   under hygienic conditions.
•    The school sanatorium is well stocked with all first aid medicines. A medical near the school is in
   contact. Emergency cases are referred to the major hospitals in the city.
•    The school has a new school bus specially designed for school children. The bus meet all the safety
  standards laid down by the HMG.
•    The school playground is quite a big one. Students play different games such as basketball, volleyball,
   cricket etc on the school ground.

Students cannot acquire knowledge only through text books or classroom lectures. The library is of great help in the fulfillment of their aim because it provides ample opportunities for acquiring knowledge. The knowledge gained through the class may be forgotten after some time but that which the students acquire themselves through self study will be remembered by them even after leaving school.
The library does the work of a teacher for students. It will not be wrong to say that the defects of classroom teaching can be rectified through the library. A library is a house of books, journals, cassettes and other written literature preserved for consultation and reference. It provides information, acts as a means of self-education and stimulates one to participate in national welfare. A library plays a vital role in making citizens enlightened. It furnishes information on all subjects, provides education to participate intelligently in a society and gives an opportunity of reading for pleasure. It satisfies the intellectual needs of an individual child.
The library has a wide range of books to meet the demands of every age group and taste. They endeavor to develop the reading habit and the appreciation of literature among the students. The various reference books on every subject help students to acquire in-depth knowledge and also help students to develop an independence in solving problems. The libraries subscribe to a large number of newspapers, journals, magazines and periodicals, thus keeping the students in touch with happenings in Nepal and in the outside world.

Science Lab:
There is Science laboratory having adequate facilities for practical work for Science . These encourage students to learn through experiment and research.
Students of all classes make regular visits to the laboratory to get a first hand experience of the things taught in class. Teachers who teach science try to make science classes interesting and lively by showing experiments taken from real life. Such a method involves active participation of students who take a great delight in exploring the world of science around them.

Computer Lab:
Due to the rapid development in the field of Information Technology (IT) and its applications in the business world, the demand for skilled man-power in the Information Technology has increased too. One of the top ten skills that every employer of the modern world would like in an employee is an ability to operate computers.
Thus one cannot expect a good job even though he/she holds good academic qualification unless he/she has good knowledge of computers. To be a successful employer too, one needs to keep pace with the changing face of the latest technology. The industry like any other industry is one of the most favourable and potential sectors for national economic expansion. A good computer education is one which is designed to develop your global career.
An Internet connection, enables one to talk to his/her friends and families around any part of the world, gather invaluable information, exchange news, learn foreign languages, find new friends, meet people, make reservations, maintain bank accounts, observe multimedia educational software, learn and test one's knowledge of software development etc.
In its effort to keep up with the latest advances in Information Technology, the school has launched its own Website www.children_liberty.com. From the website, parents can get information about the recent developments in the school. They can also read the circulars issued by the school.

School Hostel:
The well-managed school hostel provides students residing outside KTM valley with an opportunity to study in an extremely healthy environment conducive to learning.
The hostel is under the direct supervision of the Principal, and is looked after by hostel warden and matrons. Every effort is made to ensure that the boarders are kept comfortable, clean, healthy and happy.
In the hostel students learn to live together, learn together and play together in an atmosphere of freedom and discipline. The students follow a fixed time table on all days of the week. Their day begins at 5:30 a.m. and ends at 9:00 p.m. Study classes are held in the mornings and evenings. The time table ensures that all students get ample opportunity to take part in co-curricular activities