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1. “True friendship consist not in the multitude of friends, but their worth and value “

                                                                                                                                                -Ben Jonson

2. “The artist finds a greater pleasure in painting than in having a completed picture”

                                                                                                                                                - Seneca

3. “It is not that I am so smart it is just that I stay with problems longer”

                                                                                                                -Albert Einstein

4. “When you feel that you know nothing then you are ready to learn”

                                                                                                                -The Mother

5. “Failure is only the opportunities to begin, only this time more wisely”

                                                                                                                -Henry Ford

                                                                                                By: Aayusha Katuwal-7’Lily


Police: Where do you live?

Me: With my parents

Police: Where do your parents live?

Me: with me

Police: Where do you all live?

Me: Together

Police: Where is your home?

Me: Next to my neighbors house.



                                     An old man and his quarrelling sons

                Once upon a time, there was a village where lived an old man. He had crossed nearly seven decade. He had a wish to see all his sons united and prosperous. But, all his sons were very quarrel some. They always quarreled even for little matter. The old man suggested them not to quarrel. Therefore he became very sad. He was extremely worried about their future. He could not see their happy and prosperous life. On the hand he was dying soon. One day, he feel seriously sick and so was admitted in the hospital. Yet, he wanted to teach his sons one lesson. He made a plan. He called on all his sons and gave them a bundle. Each of them made  their best effort to break the bundle but in vain. Finally, he separated the sticks and gave each of them a sticks to break. They could break it quite easily. The old man said to them, ‘My dear sons you can see the value of unity. You could not break the whole bundle, but you could easily break each of them separately. In the same way, ‘If you are until, you will win. But if you are separated, you will be won by your enemies. Then they same to realize unity is strength. Therefore they stopped quarrelling and lived together in peace and harmony.

                                                                By: Prabin Gautam-5’Pansy’




Society tha we always need

So complicated tha we see

Some say you, are in the stage of technology

But I asked you why did you breed?


Since I knew you delegated me everything

Till now, I am holding all of it

You might think I am so lucky

But I ask you when you let me be free?


society, I am not the one who disagree

Not worried about, Whether or not you let me be free

Some might say you are a crazy breed

But I ask you why did you breed?

                                                By: Sanjiv Karki



Red, Red, Red

I am on my bed.

Yellow, yellow, yellow

There is my fellow.

Blue, Blue, Blue

In my hand, there is glue

Green, Green, Green

My mother is giving ice cream

Brown, Brown, Brown

I am eating a prawn

Black, Black, Black

The brick is cracked

My dog’s so funny that love not seen

His face for years and years

His oyez we buried out of sight

I only guess his ears bright

                                By: Manish Shrestha (class: 6’pansy’)

My school my pride

All comes here in search of light.

No ones get success without labour.

All will try hard they have ever.


We get love and respect

These things we will not forget

The things you do the things you get

Always try to be great


Don’t forget school, never

You will get knowledge ever

Try to learn more

Always think before


We learn to keep environment clean

So, throw all waste in dustbin

Try to have good role

You will always archive your goal

                                By: Pemsang Lama (7’Daisy’)

There are some people who

could hear you speak a thousand

words, and still not understand you

And there are others who will

understand without you

even speaking a word

                              By: Tsering Doma Sherpa

                                Dream Deferred

What happen to a dream deferred

Does it dry up

Like a raising in the sun?


Or fester like a sore

And then run?


Does it stink like a rotten meat?

Or crust and sugar over

Like a syrupy sweet?


May be it just sags

Like a heavy load


Or does it explode


                                                By: Rhoit Karki

In the deep kingdom underground

There is no light and little sound.

Down below the earth’s green floor

The rabbit and the mole explore.


the quarrying ants run to and fro

To make their populous empires grow

Do they, as I pass overhead

Stop in their work to hear my tread?


Some creatures sleep and do not toil,

Secure and warm beneath the soil

Sometimes a fork or spade intrudes

Upon their earthly solitude.


Downward the branching tree – roots spread

Into the country of the dead

Deep down, the buried rocks and stones

Are like the earth’s gigantic bones

In the dark kingdom underground

How many marvelous things are found

                                                By:Dil Kumari Magar


Lots of work with lots of stress

But she should behave always fresh


Life of a nurse is full f duty

Her care to patient shows her beauty


She don’t know to eat and she don’t know to sleep

when she remembers her promises to keep


She should run miles and miles

with her beautiful smile


she doesn’t care either she is hurt

her clothes is full dust and dirt


Beautiful mind and beautiful heart

Yes, of course she is aNurse.

                                                By: Parbet Gautam

                                My Pride

My soul is my pride

Education is my light

Which helps me to have sight

Of the world which is very wide


                                                My teacher is my pride

                                                Who teaches me to

                                                read and write

My pen is a weapon

Which is a powerful

Spear full of might.

                                                My pen is a weapon

                                                which kills the difficulties of sight

                                                thought which I’ll get success

                                                to make my future bright.

                                                By: Argila Lama ( Class 6 ‘Lili’)

                                Important of education

Another education by stone in the

backlands (from which in to with

out and pre-didactic place)

In the backlands stones does

not know how to lecture,

and, even if it did would teach

nothing. You don’t learn the stone

there, the stone born stones

penetrates the soul.

                                Mom and Dad

Mom and dad I love you so much oh…

               Your loving touch

I’m Sorry if I have troubled you

                Too much

time is what I cannot find

To say how much

    I care

The effort you’ve take me to succeed

mom and dad I love you so much

 You loving touch


                                By: Anish Tamang (6 ‘Lily’)

Never trust a mirror

for a mirror always lies.

It makes you think that all you’re worth

can be seen prom the outside

Never trust a mirror


I am not special just a

normal girl

living in my own dream

in my own world

Nobody knows who I

really am. so


Life I flower, smell it

life is an art describe it

life is an promise, fulfill it

life is a god’s gift enjoy it


My heart began to pond

I couldn’t hear a single sound

I tied my shoe lace

Just to see her face

                                By: Samridhi Jyoti (6 ‘Lily’)

                My School Promise

Each day I’ll do my best, and I won’t do

any less, my work will always please me,

and I won’t accept a mess, I’ll color

very carefully My writing will be neat

and I’ll not be happy, ‘till my papers

are compete. I’ll always do my homework,

and try my best on every test. I

won’t forget my promises, to do my best.



What a joy without sadness

what a goal without weariness

Everything is for a reason

Like we need every season

Face the handles with smile

Never give up in this life.


If only there one person hurt you

then are thousand of people to make

you smile,

So, never get hurt from anyone


Sick of crying

tried of trying

I am smiling but inside I am dying             

                                                By: Karma Doma Sherpa

                                Never Give Up

Never give up in live, Man

Never give up in life,

Life is the greatest gift

None how is misfit


 We need to know our goal

and nicely play our role

why to rear with dark

when there are million srtars



Why to sink in despairs

when others are million stars


Why to sink in despairs,

when hope resides everywhere

what a path without a turn

What a flower without a thorn


What a joy without sadness

what a goal without weariness

everything is for reason,

like we need every season

face the handless with smile

Never give up in this life.

                                                By: Dawa Dolma Sherpa

                The sky is low

The sky is low, the clouds are mean

A travelling place of snow

Across the barn or though a rut

Debates if it will go


A narrow wind complains all day

how some one treated him

Nature, like us is sometimes caught

without her diadem.

                                                By: Lhamu Sherpa (9 ‘Daisy’)

                                A Friend like you

Written with a pen

Sealen with leiss

If you are my friend

please answer this.

                                Are we friends

                                Or are we not?

                                You told me once

                                But I forget.

So tell me now

And tell me true

So I can say

I am here for you

of all the friends

I’ve ever met

You’re the one

I won’t forget

                                And If I die

                                Before you do

                                I’ll go to heaven

                                And wait for you

I will give the angel

Back their wings

And risk the loss

of everything

Just to prove my

friendship is true

To have friends like you.

                                By: Argila lama ( 6 ‘Lily’)



Success is counted sweetest

by those who ne’er succeed

To comprehend a nectar

Requires sorest need


Not one of all the purple host

Who took the flay today

can tell the definition

so clear, of victory


As he defeated, dying,

on whose forbidden ear

the distanced strains of triumpts

Break, agonized and clear 

                                By: Nima Sherpa