P.O.Box No.: 8973, NPC-683, Jorpati, Kathmandu, Nepal
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The school has highly qualified and competent teaching staff. The teachers help to promote the spiritual, moral, social, cultural, mental and physical development of the students.
The different sections of the school are under the direct control of Co-coordinators and the In- Charge who report to the Principal.
Co-curricular activities are managed by professionals who are experts in their own fields.

General Ideas to The Teacing Staff
A School is a teaching institution where many a small children expect to collect the wide ranges of knowledge, not only the matters from books but also the knowledge collected by their senior's (especially called as their teachers). A teacher is not a tutor but a socially awared citizen. He/She should have wider range of knowledge brought out of various ideologies that the society has given birth. A true teacher is always aware of chance to build up the minds/hearts of such small children.
It is true that no person has empty mind. Everybody has more or less knowledge and ideas, which becomes already more than the experiences of the small children. But the problem is how a teacher sets such knowledge and experiences in the mind of small ones. The way of teaching of teacher, dedication, morality, handling of responsibilities, psychology of the children and the knowledge of school policy are the major factors to concern for the betterment of school.
Besides the individual concern of a teacher, the following is the policy of this school, Children's Liberty. One, who longs to approach this school, has to make approach with these sheets, which may add more confidence in a teacher and makes easier for teacher as well as to the administration.
The following are some important heading wise ideas. These are not all but one has to work taking as basic ideas to them.

           - Arrival, departure and suspense etc..                                    - Facilities for staff
           - Discipline                                                                                    - Teaching procedure and course division.
           - Copy correction (assignments)                                              - Examination
           - Questions preparation                                                             - Exam paper checking
           - Result preparation                                                                    - Extra activities
           - Miscellaneous

How to teach well?
Having only academic certificate doesn't mean one is well-qualified person. Academic certificate is only a part of total qualification, especially in the field of teaching. One has to have multi- Qualifications like interest, initiation, enthusiasm, skill, learning, labour, activeness, motivating, commanding voice, loving as well as stern, determining, penetrating, explaining etc.

Do you think these ideas can help you?
- Love your job!!!
- Learn before you start.
- See your students what they are doing!!
- Draw the attention of your class!!!
- Tell to students to be prepared with book, copy, pencil or necessary things.
- Remind them about their yesterday's lesson everyday before you start new lesson!!!
- Tell them in a minute what about the new lesson is!!!
- Teach the new lesson using simple words.
- Give a little assignment everyday.
- Check the assignment regularly.
- Give same problems as class work if they feel the home assignment difficult (inspect individually
    while they are doing their CW and assist them necessarily on the spot).
- Learn some new methods to deal with problems (you have innumerable solutions to deal with the
    problems. )