P.O.Box No.: 8973, NPC-683, Jorpati, Kathmandu, Nepal
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The school provides excellent services in all its departments. It has a team of competetent, experienced and dedicated personnel. Each member is an expert in his/her own field. The school provides the following services.

•    Books for the new session can be bought from the school. The books prescribed by the school are
  published by different publishing houses. It is, therefore, sometimes difficult to get all the books at any
  particular shop. The school arranges the sale of all the books within the school premises to save a lot
  of undue trouble to parents and guardians.
•    The school uniform is available through the school office. Parents are encouraged to buy school
  uniform through the school itself in order to ensure that the material, the design and the colour
  conform to the specifications approved by the school authorities. Tie, Belt, Badge & Monogram have
  to be purchased from the school office.
•    Canteen: At the canteen, food is sold on a daily payment basis. Besides serving lunch, the canteen
  also serves cooked food such as noodles and snacks. Soft drinks, tea, coffee and packaged food
   items are also available in the canteen. The school ensures that all food items conform to acceptable
•    Special Classes: The school provides tutorials after school. This is an optional services.
•    Photocopying and Typing: The school has a photocopy machine. The students may use it for their

For Day Students:
•    Monthly charges include tuition fee and bus fee (optional) which are charged for 12 months.
•    The annual charges are paid once in a year in lieu of the following facilities items and services
  provided by the school.
         -    Stationery -Optional-(Nursery - Upper KG.)
         -    Exercise books –Optional-(One - Ten)
         -    Examinations
         -    Co-curricular activities
         -    School Functions

For Residental Students:
• Monthly charges include Tuition Fee and Boarding & Lodging Fee which are charged for 12 months.
• The annual charges are paid once in a year and the facilities provided to the residential students are as follows:
         -    tationery (Nursery - Upper KG.)
         -    Exercise books (One - Ten)
         -    Examinations
         -    Co-curricular activities
         -    School Functions
         -    Games and entertainment
         -    Bedding (Nursery - 6)