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Physical Activities

Children love to fiddle with different kinds of things and we encourage them in activities where they learn to use and handle different things. We help them to utilize their physical store of energy in an optimum manner by providing them with carefully chosen play materials.

The Children Indulge in Physical Activities Like:
- Jumping, running, bending, etc.
- Playing on a variety of swings and slides.
- Climbing jungle gyms and stairs.
- Throwing and catching soft balls.

Language Development:
• Identifying, recognizing and naming people, objects, pictures and actions.
• Discriminating visually between different objects, items and pictures.
• Singing poems and songs (rhymes).
• Using rhyming words.
• Listening with understanding to stories and instruction.
• Expressing themselves verbally by answering and asking questions.

Intellectual Development:
• Observation of different things and processes.
• Experimentation.
• Understanding animal life and plant life.
• Classifying things by putting similar objects together.
• Recollecting facts told earlier.
• Reasoning and problem solving with simple 4-6 piece jumbles and jigsaw puzzles.
• Picking up number concepts.
• Making simple comparisons like big-small, tall-short, etc.
• Recognizing and naming colours.
Teachers take children to different places outside the school. Concepts related to the environment are taught during these outings. Teachers show things from real life and take the help of experiments to teach them.

Class Activities:
To make classes interesting and to enable children to grasp concepts easily, teachers help the children with:
• Arranging building blocks.
• Joining leggy pieces.
• Creating designs by modeling clay.
• Threading large and medium sized beads using plastic needles.
• Painting with a thick brush, fingers, cotton, wool, etc.
• Drawing pictures on their own.
• Coloring with some control.
• Folding, Tearing, Cutting paper.
• Applying gum and trying to paste items.

Our Guiding Principles:
• Children possess sensibilities and mental powers which are unique to their particular levels of developing awareness.
• Children differ from one another.
• The most important years of the growth of a child are the first six years. Children learn to initiate things on their own. They are more open to change, growth and new experiences. They're ready to get more out of life itself.
• Every child is gifted in some way. A rich, stimulating environment allows each child to bring forth his or her own special talents and abilities.
• Interaction between children in a non-formal environment makes the young ones outspoken and smart.