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examination practical 2080

                                                                           Sarbanam Shikshyalaya                                                                                                                                             Gokarneshwor-06, Jorpati, Kathmandu

                                                                          First Terminal Practical Question                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      F.M= 25

Class: 10   


1. Make a square based prigramid by using cardboard paper. Measure its length of each side of base and then present in the classroom.[10] 

2. How many students are there in your school before 2 years and how many students are there in this year? collect these data from your school administration on office and calculate the growth rate of students in your school. [5] 

3. Class Test[10]


                                                                          Science & Technology

1. Conduct an experiments to calculate the acceleration due to gravity at sarbanam shikshyalaya.[5]

2. Make a lab report of laboratory prepaation of carbon dioxide gas.[5]

3. Handwriting[3]

4. Oral[3]



                                                                          Sarbanam Shikshyalaya                                                                                                                                             Gokarneshwor-06, Jorpati, Kathmandu

                                                                     First Terminal Practical Question

Class: 9                                                                                                                                                        F.M = 20


1. List out the roles and works of males and females in your society.[5]

2. Visit any one of the classes of your school and find out the datas about age,sex,caste,religion.Also find out the sex ratio and percentage of number of students with respect to total students in your school. [5]

3.Class Test


1. Categorize the office personnel of sarbanam shikshyalaya into office chief , section officer and office assistant and point out their functions or roles in the organization.[5]

2. classify and journalize any five transactions by applying rules of journalizing based on types of account.[5]

3. Class Test.


                                                                            Science and Techology 

1. Discuss the achievement and challenge of science in your society . Make a report about it.

2. Collect three different needs of monocot and dicot . paste it in your project work. Differentiate between monocot and dicot plants at least in 5 basis.

3. Handwiting[3]

4. Oral[3]

5. Regularity[3]

6. Discipline[3]

7. Assignment[3]


                                                          Sarbanam Shikshyalaya                                                                                                                                             Gokarneshwor-06, Jorpati, Kathmandu

                                                        First Terminal Practical Question

class: 8                                                                                                                F.M=15



1. write a paragraph describing how Nelson Mandela is an inspiration to us?[5]

2. what can be done for the benefit of a nation as well as the people? Think about various types of work and write .[5]

3. Handwriting [3]

4. Discipline.[3]

5. Oral [3]. 

6. Assignment[3]

7. Regularity[3]


                                                           Health pysical and creative atrs


1.Draw the well-labelled diagram of brain and explain its various parts.[5]

2.Prepare brief report on water-seal toilet along with the diagram.[5]

3.What is mental health? Why is it important? Mention some practical ways of stress management in our daily life.[5]

4.Class Test.[10]

5.Handwriting [5]

6.Assignment [5]

7.Oral [5]

8.Regularity [5]

9.Discipline [5]




1.Let take a set of students of yours class as a universal set. Then make different subset of this universal set.[5]

2.Take the total number of students of yours class. Then, Convert it into binary as well as quinary system.[5]

3.Take a rectangular sheet of photocopy paper. Measure its length and breadth. Draw a circle by using compass with an area of 3.5 cm radius in the middle of the paper. Lay the circle out by the help of scissors. Find the area of paper remainded in the sheet.[5]

4.Class Test.[10]


                                                                          science and technology                                                 F.M=50

1.Condust the experiment to measure the velocity and acceleration of your friends walking motion.[5]

2.Draw the well-labelled digram of Animal cell and briefly explain about its various component.[5]

3.Draw the neat and clear figure of basic equipment used in science laboratory.[5]

4.Class Test.[10] 






                                  NOTE: FOR DAISY ONLY


                                                              Sarbanam Shikshyalaya                                                                                                                                             Gokarneshwor-06, Jorpati, Kathmandu

                                                                  First Terminal Practical Question

class: 7




1.Make a list of objects found in your classroom. Make subset of set.[5]

2.How many students are there in youe class? whether the number is a square number or not? If this is not a square number, what must be added to make it perfect square? Also find it's square root after making it perfect square.[5]

3.Construct a  ABC in which AB= 8, BC=7cm, B= 60°, cut it in a shape and paste it in A4 size paper.[5]





1.Make the least of vaccination that should be given to every individual according to Nepal Goverment's National Immunization program also write for what it is given and when it is given.[5]

2.Make a least of food that you use to consume in a day (Morning-Night) find their price by visiting near by market per standard unit (kg,litre) and mention what nutrients you get from particular item.[5]



1.Make a list of generations of computer used till data and make one figure in each generation, write special features of all generation's computer and write their examples too.[5]

2.Make figures of 5 apps you use in your daily life. Write the name of creator,data when it was created and write two features of it.[5]





                                                                        Sarbanam Shikshyalaya                                                                                                                                             Gokarneshwor-06, Jorpati, Kathmandu

                                                                  First Terminal Practical Question

Class :6



1.Ask your parents/ grand parents to tell you a story. Write it.[5]

2.Take a A4 sized paper. Sketch a picture that depicts a beautiful nature and colour it.[5]

3.Write some motivational lines for all.[5]

4.Categorical Evaluation[25]






5.Class Test.[10]





1.Visit your locality and write down the name of measuring devices that are used by your neighbours. Make a list of how they are used and also paste the picture.[5]

2.Paste any 6 picture of Terrestial animal and 6 picture of aquatic animals along with their name. Also, write 4 differences among aquatic animal and terrestial animal.[5]

3.List the uses and materials used in daily life(Any 3).[5]






9.Class Test.[10] 



1.write in a chart about carbohydrates, vitamins,fat and protein.

2. How to make sanitary pad at home? what are the essential items for making pad at home and what are the steps for making pad ?








1. Draw on a chart about computer system .Also write its features .

2. write the applictions of computer.