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Dear Optimists

It is worthwhile to do something beyond to the personal luxury and enjoy the life alone where there are thousands of people and children opportunity less and living the life below the level of human beings.

As we know the world is getting narrower through different perspectives. It has been narrower by the language, by the common need, feelings, emotion, communication and transportation approach by the enlightenment of taking people equally. Obviously people in the world are happy to get the world as a common home making easy approaches through the mentioned ways among themselves/ourselves. We must be proud of being together on the same line with confidence of indiscrimination of castes, creeds, sex, culture and nation.

Although we are equal in feelings & happy in many ways, many people throughout the world (Special in the underdeveloped countries) have fallen still back, not because of the fate but because of the less opportunities as well as because of political instability, political conflict, poverty, ignorance, illiteracy , as handicapped, orphans & destitute.

The subject as mentioned above as well as realizing the feelings of some people’s interest, we have attempted to open a room of helping with the equal opportunity to the children who are discarded, deprived and helpless in the society around us. There are number of children who are illiterate even though they have interest to get education .We realize their feelings and needs as they expect to be noticed by us. If any of us could contribute little to their expectation, it could be a great help to shape their life. The satisfaction achieved through help could be a reward in living. If anybody realizes the truth and are interested, may share their contribution through us. We have tried to explore some of the ideas for the participation of interested people from around the world to support to them directly or indirectly and that would help to stimulate for help, to be responsible through our reach, to gather mental peace & satisfaction as well as to encourage people in humanitarian service.

We have laid the following proposals with some ways to involve according to the choices / interests of the people. One who has willingness may put interest only one of the topics he/she is interested among many topics.

.We have also planned to keep the helpers’/supporters’ name as the title of the work as Mike Scholarship Fund, Donated / Gifted by ……………………….Hari/ Mikchael Science Lab, Simon Sponsors Group/fund etc.

We keep the sponsors, Donors , helpers name (individual, group, Castes, society) – not to forget the contribution done by them as well as to make the Children realize the value of contribution that would encourage them to contribute in the future.