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Criteria For Promotion

The final decision for detention/promotion rests on one or all of the following criterias:
•    If a student's performance in major subjects deteriorate.
•    The effort made by a student to overcome his/her short-comings.
•    Whether a student complies with the suggestion made by the teachers, and the administration.
•    A student's academic performance throughout the year.
•    Conduct in school.
•    Performance in co-curricular activities.
•    Performance in Science and Maths.
•    If a student fails to obtain the pass percentage at the end of a session.

•    Students failing for the second time in a row will be asked to withdraw themselves from the school.
•    It is compulsory for all the students to appear for all tests and examinations.
•    If a student is absent for any of the tests or examination, he/she will be marked absent for it and no re-test will be taken, whatever the reason for the absence.
•    Students found cheating in exams, tests, homework or project works are given zero.