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Kit List For Residential Students

School bags

  1  nos.


  1 nos

  Hostel Dress

  1 set


  1 pairs

  Out shoes

  1 pair

  Out clothes

  2 sets


  1 nos

  Mosquito net

  1 nos


  1 nos


  1 nos


  1 nos


  1 nos


cold cream, nail-clipper, glycerin, sanitary towels (for girls), shampoo, books and all the items mentioned under the Kit list for Residential Students.

On the sports day, students are required to wear the dress prescribed by the white canvas shoes, white socks, white divided skirt or white shorts, house T-Shirt.

General Rules For Residental Students
•    Besides the above mentioned items, students are not allowed to bring any other item to the school without the prior permission of their hostel warden or matron.
•    Parents are requested to send the complete set of uniforms and other items of clothing as mentioned in the prospectus/policy. Every item of clothing should have a name tag stitched on to it. Where this is not possible, as in the case of shoes, the child's name should be written in indelible 'marker' ink( writing of name on their articles can be done at school too).
•    One set of school uniform has to be purchased from the school. This set will be used for special occasions only, where absolute uniformity in dress is a must, as in the case of inter-school competitions etc.
•    Children are not allowed to wear clothes that are short, faded, worn out or shabby. Uniforms should be in very good condition or new.
•    Parents can provide Rs. 50/- per month as pocket money to their wards. Any extra money found in any child's possession will be confiscated. Parents are therefore requested not to give the child any extra money .
•    Parents are requested to note that they may visit their wards only on the visiting days mentioned in the calendar between 5:00 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.
•    Students may go home on visiting days only between 5:00 p.m. & 7:30 p.m. Students going home on visiting days should return to school on the reporting days or on the day the school reopens before 7:00 a.m. Children are not allowed to take home or bring to school, any clothes, when going home for weekends without the permission of the hostel warden.
•    Authorized Guardians of the child will only be allowed to visit the child or take him/her on holidays.
•    Parents coming to collect their children for the weekend should:-
            1.    Collect their child's report card or discuss about the child.
            2.    Pay the fees for the month (in advance).
•    Parents who have any complaints, suggestions or recommendations to make regarding their children's health, the food in the school, their children's performance in studies or anything else, are free to meet the concerned teachers or the Principal and discuss their complaints or suggestions.
•    Monthly charges include Tuition Fee and Boarding & Lodging Fee which are charged for 12 months.
•    The annual charges are paid once in a year and the facilities will be provided as the rules.